Welcome To Nell Program

NELL was founded in 2010. It provides different types of training and development which are vital parts of the human resource development. Nell Program is supported by Cambridge Training College. We deliver a range of training courses and workshops in areas such as human resources, customer care, effective communication skills, sales and purchasing, certified management accounting courses (CMA), training of the trainer courses (TOT) as well as business writing workshops, many other related training classes and workshops.
We also offer General English courses for all levels and can work with each organization to fill the gaps that they are facing. We recognize the need for flexibility and responsiveness. Every organization we work with has different needs and objectives. Therefore, we design various courses to meet organizations' specific training needs using global resources and modern materials.

Who Is Nell Program

We work to provide high quality of language teaching. Using modern and effective methods is based on working with professional teachers.
We are pleased to assist each student and always willing to give more…


  • Providing consistently high-quality language training for all age groups.
  • Promote both independent and cooperative learning among course participants and staff.
  • focus on the student’s needs, perceptions and interests