CDS - Certified Digital Marketing

In an increasingly digitized world, proficiency with the Digital Marketing & social media platforms you use is not just an advantage, but a requirement, for effective marketing.

CDS Diploma gives you all the latest industry insights, knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns. You’ll also be able to implement marketing plans using the latest digital tools and practices.The training involves content creation, blogging, search engine optimization and staying on top of the latest trends and strategies.

CDS Diploma is designed to give your marketing career a boost and help you manage your brand with confidence.


Training Program Outlines

  • Introduction to digital marketing and its channels.
  • Websites planning & development.
  • Understanding SEO, SEM and Google analytics.
  • Launching digital marketing campaigns.
  • Using digital marketing campaign tracking tools.
  • Social media marketing strategies.
  • Introduce marketing platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Social Media platforms development and utilization.
  • How to activate marketing campaigns on social media platforms.
  • Video marketing strategies.
  • How to measure digital marketing efforts and digital ROI.


Training Details

Total Hours: 40 hours

Days: Two days a week (Saturdays & Tuesdays)



Apply for a 50% scholarship

  • Provide a copy of your passport.
  • Fill an application at the Academy or request to fill it online (via e-mail)
  • Age 18 and above.



Trainee receives two certificates after completing the training program successfully

  • Attendance certificate from NELL Program Academy (Certificate is handed last day of the training)
  • Diploma from Cambridge Training College - London (Certificate is handed after 6 weeks of the course completion)



Trainee can pay two to three installments. Fees must be fully covered before the completion of the training program.

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