There isn’t a better place to learn English than where it’s spoken. Nell Program Academy aims to improve students’ English language skills (speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills). Our native English teachers are highly trained to provide a unique way of teaching English language as a second language.


We work to provide high quality of language teaching. Using modern and effective methods is mainly based on working with professional teachers.

We are pleased to assist each student and always willing to give more…

  • Providing consistently high-quality language training for all ages.
  • Promote both independent and cooperative learning among course participants and staff.
  • focus on the student’s needs, perceptions and interests.


NELL was founded in 2010. It is a single program not part of a chain. Its main aims remain: to provide language education, mainly in English, for adult students and young learners; and to offer language learning experiences that will promote international understanding and intercultural exchange. The Trust has no shareholders, and money from fees is reinvested in developing and improving the services and facilities for students.