Nell's English Language Program

Nell's ELP system is certified by Cambridge training College and the Ministry of Education. The program is divided into 7 levels from beginner to advanced proficiency. Each level contains six study units. Every unit introduces you to new English vocabulary, grammar, listening exercises, writing techniques and speaking activities.

Placement Test

Placement test is conducted prior the registration to indicate the proper level that is convenient for the individual's skills. The fee is 10 JDs per test. The client gets the placement test for free is the course is taken with Nell Academy.
The placement test includes general English Language questions that cover different skills in reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and listening.
The duration for the placement test is 1 hours.
The results of the test indicate the individual's level according to the following table
Level A 1 - 55
Level B  56 - 75
Level C  76 and above

English Courses Details

Courses are conducted on monthly bases. Morning & Evening classes are available.

Total hours for each course: 24 hours

Days: three days a week

Duration: Each level is for one month


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